Why do I feel,
lathargic and tired.
I want to be able,
To be alive and real!

Laying in bed,
Sorry and lone.
A glass of water
Accompanies my sole.

Warm pjs,
ugg boots
Keeps me warm!

An evil dictator
Leading us astray
Being unable t fulfil;
Daily chores!

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Literature Entry week 12

Well it has unfortunately come ot the end of semester. How fast it has gone! It feels like yesterday I was walking into university, lost and surrounded by unfamiliar surroundings. Its amazing how we have such a long period of time off. On return, it is almost like returning to an unfamiliar place, with new faces. Im not sure if everyone else feels the same way, but I definately do!

I thought this week, see as though I am in the mode of concluding and summing up a hard worked semester, I would maintain my thematic focus in my livejournal! In summary, I feel I hav been introduced to an informative assesment layout. I feel that having a lot fo smaller assessments reduced stress, and allowed for higher creativity. The commonplace book was definately a useful source, which enabled elaborated thoughts throughout the semester. I used it to jot down initial thoughts, which were later developed in livejournal. The idea of an eportfolio was at first sought to be stress-filled and irrelevant. Howevor, after compelting my eportfolio, I found it to be an easy asessment with a lot of freedom. I feel the texts chosen were informative and relevant, stimulating interest from myself.

I have learnt a lot from this semester, and look forward ot next semester's study of 20th century literature! It definately put a smile on my face :)

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Trip to Norman Lindsay Gallery!

This week, I made an informative and inspirational trip to Faulconbridge, the home of former artist Norman Lindsay. It was an awe-inspiring trip which I found emotionally beneficial. I was baffled by how many works Lindsay created in his life! There were over three studios, each specifically focusing on a particular artistic style.

Norman Lindsay is well known for his unusual naked figures. His nude models are real people, which caused a lot of contraversy through the 1900s. Most of the time, they were of his former wife Rose. Unfortunately, a lot of his work was actually banned from public display!

I thought I would share with you all a few pictures of the gallery. Note that everything in the images are made by Lindsay himself! He dedicated his life to art.

You can see in these pictures, the chairs which were build by Lindsay later in his life. The nude sculpture is in front of the painting studio. You can see this studio in teh background! The arms of the statue are deliberately missing, reiterising Lindsay's typical ability to create unusual statues , images and pictures. You may know Lindsay from his well known book, 'The Magic Pudding!'

Plead for love

‘Plead of love'


The sound of rain patters-
abundantly on the metal roof sheets.
My body: weak and fearful.
I wonder to myself, why?
Why do I do this to him?

An ordinary day-
resulting in two,
once intimate lovers,
in an anonymous fight.
The feelings inside ,distant.
Out of control and indecisive.
Stress and worry, 
overwhelming my mind.

Worrying why-
So suddenly changed,
Monsters, controlling?
Incontrollable mood changes,
consistent and everpresent.

I was just thinking-
About the past.
Tertiary studies,
Accompanied stress. 

Fear of being ugly.
Tolerance lacking,
simple questions asked!
two days too soon?

Maybe it was.
Not enought time?
We barely know partenered souls! 

Always only once.

Am i a bad person?
Treats him like shit-
Heard so many before.
These words-
Devastating my soul!

Help, please!

Desperate to find-
Reasoning to go on.
Unbearable to believe,
Truth and discovery-
One day after another.

Seek to be perfect,
Nor can be be.
Happy, I once was-

By Shelley Back


taken from: http://www.digital-photo.com.au/gallery/d/13155-2/Young_Love_MG_4794.jpg